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Feedly (Kate Charuk)

What is Feedly?feedly_app

Feedly is an RSS reader.  RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.
Never heard of RSS before? Watch this simple video: RSS in Plain English
RSS readers are a tools that collect all your RSS feeds together.  They bring the web’s content to you — so you’re not constantly checking your favourite blogs and websites for updates.  RSS readers are helpful tools for preventing information overload. They also offer a pain-free way to build our own professional learning networks as library staff.

Feedly is not the only RSS reader out there, but is is one of the most popular. Other RSS readers include My Yahoo!, Digg and Feedspot. Google Reader was also a popular tool — until Google discontinued it in July 2013.

How do I get set up?

These instructions are for using Feedly in a web browser on a desktop computer, but you can also download the Feedly App on your phone or tablet. Steps will be very similar.

  • Go to Feedly.com
  • Don’t click “get started” — click “login” (Strangely, it’s more straightforward)
  • Click “add new account” and either login with an existing Google account, if you have one, or  create a new Google account. Follow the prompts to complete this step.

Okay, I’m signed up. Now What?

Step 1 — Add some feeds to your account.

  • feedly_ted_talk_searchFeedly will prompt to search for sites and blogs that you would like to follow. Choose anything you like.  Search for it in the box on the left. For example, to subscribe to the latest Ted Talk Videos type “Ted Talk Videos” in the left hand search box and click on the matching (first) link: TEDTalks (Video). When you click, the RSS feed will be automatically added to your reader.It will look like this:TedTalks_added
  • Click on the Green “Follow” button. feedly_follow
  • Feedly will ask you to create a category for your feed.  Here, for Ted Talks, I have created the category “Videos”feedly_add_category
  • Once you are signed up, continue adding your media to your account.  Try for at least five sources. Consider finding at least one that relates to your work like — a blog about storytime programs, the news feed from a library association, or a podcast on new technology. If you’re having a hard time thinking of any, you can also browse the sources feedly recommends.feedly_browse
  • Wondering why your favourite website doesn’t show up in a Feedly search? Not all websites produce an RSS feed.  Look for the RSS icon  rss icon 2 on your favourite sites. Here’s what it looks like on the Librarian in Black web site:RSS_on_a_website

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