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Doodle (Kate Charuk)

What is Doodle?

Doodle is an online survey tool that is infinitely useful. Use to save time when scheduling a meeting among busy people, or to cast votes for where to hold the next staff party.  You can make polls public to get a wide variety of opinion, or only invite select people to participate. Library patrons love Doodle too — to organize personal and professional events, to make tough choices and to figure out others preferences (e.g. what menu items their wedding guests choose).

There are lots of other survey tools (e.g. Survey Monkey) that can handle more complex surveys and analytics, but Doodle is clear and simple for a beginner.

How do I get set up?

  • Go to doodle.com-Click “create an account” in the top right corner
  • Create an account from your email address, or from you Facebook profile or Google account
  • Follow the prompts — you may need to get an activation code sent to your email to complete the process

Okay, I’m signed up. Now what?

Schedule an event using Doodle

  • Once you are logged in, you should see your “Dashboard”.  Halfway down the page you will see the following options:doodle_options
  • Click “Schedule an event”
  • Now you need to use your imagination.  Dream up an imaginary event – a family reunion, a book club meeting, a laser tag marathon. Here is an example of an event poll-Give the event a title, location and description.  Fill out any other blanks in the form and click next
  • Check your imaginary datebook and choose all the possible dates for your event. Click next.
  • Choose your time zone and enter all the possible times for your event
  • Adjust your settings as need be — for example, ask people to submit their phone numbers.
  • Choose how you want to send the message — by contacting recipients with the link to the poll yourself, or by emailing them through Doodle.
  • Send the poll to some willing recipients/co-workers.  And fill it out yourself!
  • Sit back and wait for your responses.  You should be notified when someone fills out the poll.  Use the administrator link that was sent to your email account to view poll or make changes.

Make a choice using Doodle

  • This time log back into doodle, go to your dashboard, and click to create a “make a choice” poll
  • Now, imagine a hard decision needs to be made — what kind of flowers for the wedding, which concert to attend, or whether cats are better than dogs. Here is an example of a choice poll.
  • Give the decision a name, place and description
  • Determine the options participants can choose between
  • Adjust the settings if need be.  (e.g. consider whether you want to limit a participant’s choice to only one)
  • Send the poll out to recipients, and watch for the responses!

Congratulations! You are a super Doodler and have completed the module.
Make sure to blog your success to your colleagues and discuss your thoughts about Doodle — how is it relevant to staff or patrons? What was your experience?  Feel free to share links to your doodle polls.

Take it further:

If you’re up for a challenge, try out another online survey tool.  Check out this list of suggestions.


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