Next Steps

Hurray you’re done! Now what?  

  • Take a moment to gauge how well you met the program’s learning objectives, and your own personal objectives. What were you hoping for at the start of the program and has this learning experience met your expectation?
  • Consider becoming a peer coach for your colleagues who will be starting the program.
  • How do you want to bring your new-found experience and enthusiasm to library patrons?  Interested in providing a workshop or one-on-one session related to these new tools? Want to try working them into your daily interactions with customers? Talk to your supervisor and colleagues about making this happen.
  • What would you like to see next? There are many programs like this one, and many lists of tools still to discover — use your own interest to guide your way or check out some tools compiled in one of the learning programs in this list.
  • If your library system takes this project on as a whole, now is the time for it to evaluate how successfully the program is meeting organizational goals and objectives. What feedback have you heard from staff, what do you have yet to find out, and how do you need to adjust or grow the program?  What suggestions might you make to other library systems trying out this type of learning program?

Taking It Further

Read up on some other Web 2.0 learning programs and try out some more tools to expand your experience:


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