Congratulations on reaching the end of  the Web 2.0 Learning Program!

Although… learning never really ends and we wouldn’t want it to. As public library staff, we operate in a dynamic environment where technology and patron needs are constantly evolving. Public libraries exist to support lifelong learning and we’re always learning too. 

Now that you have worked your way through the various modules, we hope that you feel more comfortable using Web 2.0 tools, and that you will be able to use your new skills in both your professional and personal lives. We encourage you to dive in with confidence in your ability to use tools like those presented here, and also to expand your knowledge on your own. Thanks to your new skills you will be well positioned to help your colleagues and patrons better understand and utilize Web 2.0 tools and to help create a more interactive and engaging library experience.

If you enjoyed this learning program, please share it with colleagues and consider using it as a template to create your own learning modules for the 2.0 tools that you feel are best suited to you and your workplace.


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