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GoAnimate (Brenda Dyck)

What is GoAnimate?

GoAnimate is an online tool that creates animated video.  You don’t need to have any drawing ability and you don’t need any camera equipment.  All you need is a computer and your imagination.

The program does it all the technical work for you.  It has a huge library of backgrounds, characters and action prompts.  It also has a character generator if you want to create your own specific avatars.  The program uses drag and drop technology to bring all the pieces together.  In addition to the visuals, GoAnimate also has a library of themed musical selections so you can mix your own soundtrack.  There are several choices for narration as well.  You can record the dialogue yourself or you can use the ‘text to speech’ feature.  This allows you to type in the dialogue and the ‘actors’ do the talking, however, the dialogue does sound slightly robotic.  You can also import vocal tracks in mp3 format.  The words are lip-synced to the characters when the dialogue is added.

Video presentations have a greater impact on the observer as they use both sound and image to convey their message.  People remember what they see and hear more than what they read.  Videos can be embedded onto the library’s website and into its social media.  Video is the most effective way to connect with the next generation of library users.   It is also highly shareable and can reach a large audience with minimal effort.  It is cost-effective when compared to traditional promotional and marketing materials and can be up-dated quickly.  Staff can also use this technology for training, orientation and team-building through the collaborative process.

How do I get set up?

The sign up process is simple and direct.  Just click here to get started. You can sign up using your facebook account, your google account or you can use your email address.  Currently,  GoAnimate offers a free 30 day trial.  When the trial period ends, you can decide if you want to subscribe.  They offer different subscription rates for personal or business use.  Any videos you create during the trial period are yours to keep.  You just have to remember to download your videos and re-upload to a hosting service like youtube.   GoAnimate also provides GoAnimate for Schools.  This is the educational version of the program.   It is a safe learning environment, which means that any references to weapons or alcohol have been removed.   They also offer deep discounts for educational subscriptions.

What’s next?

Now that you have an accounthave a look at this tutorial.  It takes you through the entire process of creating a video from start to finish.  You can save your video at any point in the process and return to it when you have time.

Remember to blog about your experience with this tool and how you feel it can be used to advocate for your library.

Take it further…

Use the free 30 day trial to create a short video telling patrons about one upcoming children’s program and post it to the library’s website.

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